TV Series Review // Luther Season 1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Series Name: Luther
Creator: Neil Cross
Episodes: 6

What does it take to catch a killer? The boundaries of the law can often be restricting, but to step outside the lines–can it ever be justified? Luther ponders these questions as he chases insane murderers while battling personal demons. To catch a monster, must one become a monster also?

Review: 5/5 ⭐
In the opening scene of Luther, he is chasing down a child murderer Henry Madsen as others in his team try to find where the killer hid her, hopefully still alive. Atop an abandoned building, Luther grapples with Madsen that leaves Madsen hanging by his fingers with a long, long way to fall. Watching the murderer cling for dear life, Luther stands over him, and does nothing to save him as he plunges to his apparent death.

And that sets up the tone for the entire series, introducing us to Luther and his questionable methods from the start. Characters around him are split: some condemn him for his unconventional ways, while others applaud him for being able to catch dangerous criminals.

I can’t say I like Luther. He’s really kind of criminal himself, and while I do see his perspective on why he does certain things, that man has got some severe issues that I would stay far away from. He’s morally ambiguous, but at the same time, you have to admit his heart’s definitely in the right place. Luther remains a fascinating character throughout this series, something that keeps it compelling.

Characters here are all fascinating. I have a lot of fun with Alice Morgan, the narcissistic psychopath with whom Luther develops an odd, complicated relationship. Justin Ripley is the sweetest puppy who must be protected at all costs.

Idris Elba as Luther has to be his best work, in my opinion. The acting in this series is so strong. I especially like Elba as Luther, and Ruth Wilson as Alice. God, these two actors are amazing together. They are both so intense. Very well-matched and compelling. Their scenes together are some of my favourites.

There isn’t a weak episode anywhere in this first season, a strong start to a promising series.

There’s something about crime series that scares me more than supernatural horror. Luther takes this to the next level, in that each murderer is insane and sometimes doesn’t have any real motive or aim, other than their sick, depraved selves. Unpredictable.

I haven’t seen too many crime shows, but Luther is unlike the ones I have. Rather than Law & Order or NCIS, it is more reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs or Hannibal (NBC), though not so hoity-toity and with more silly moments. And if Luther is a more horribly tempered Will Graham, Alice Morgan is the series’ Hannibal.

A Few Favourite Moments

First time we meet Alice, where she’s posing as an innocent victim
Alice’s true face

Luther may be a brilliant detective, but his personal relations need some serious work
The face of a wife who is extremely done

Justin Ripley is the best character in this show and I will fight you if you disagree

Not a favourite moment, but.. Episode 4: the one with the scariest, creepiest killer. This episode gave me nightmares.

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