TV Series Review // Luther Season 2 ⭐⭐⭐

Series Name: Luther
Creator: Neil Cross
Episodes: 4

After a terrible loss, Luther returns to the police force. Chance puts teenager Jenny in his path whom he soon becomes a father figure to, as he continues to chase murderers through unconventional methods.

Review: 3/5 ⭐
After an incredible first season, this follow-up is a bit of a letdown. It’s shorter by two episodes, yet I had trouble getting into it. Perhaps Alice’s absence had something to with it haha.

The season is organised as two episodes for each case. Both cases are excessively creepy, true to Luther form, but the second case affected me quite a bit more. It featured a case where the killings are literally done on a roll of the dice, and the sheer randomness of it causes some anxiety about going anywhere in public again.

Can’t even go to a coffee shop in peace ever
Creepy crazy murderer

While in a sense, Luther’s relationship with Jenny is heartwarming (he rescues her from a bad situation and essentially takes care of her while helping her get back on her feet), I personally found her storyline boring and her character annoying. I could only feel irritation whenever the show shifted back to her, and could barely bring myself to pay attention.

Another annoying new character, DS Erin Gray, also shows up. Perhaps it is the combination of these two grating on me all season that took away a lot of the pleasure I had in watching the first season.

I did really enjoy the first episode, if only because there’s a scene between Luther and Alice that made me laugh out loud a few times. They’re so great together. It’s a shame she then disappears for the rest of the season. She does bring a certain liveliness and wit to the show.

Justin Ripley is still the best character who must be protected at all costs. He is too precious to be harmed. We can see his loyalty growing throughout this season, to the point where he has begun doing similarly shady things to keep Luther out of trouble. It’s amusing to me that DS Gray frequently calls him Luther’s puppy. He really is.

Idris Elba continues to give a shining performance as John Luther, showing his many sides as ruthless detective, with a deep-rooted tenderness to him. And of course, that dash of insanity that makes him able to get into the minds of the people he’s trying to catch.

Still. Not the best season. Let’s hope the next is better.


First case: delusional killer in creepy mask

Darling Justin

Bring Alice back next season, or I will riot
Their banter is just so fun for me to watch

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