TV Thoughts // Heroes 說英雄誰是英雄 Episodes 2-3

◐ Series Name: Heroes / 說英雄誰是英雄
◐ Director: Li Mu Ge / 李木戈
◐ Episodes: 38

◐ Synopsis:
Wang Xiaoshi and Bai Choufei meet Su Mengzhen, with whom they form a close friendship. Meanwhile, in the two major houses, House of Sunset Drizzle and Six Half Hall, treachery runs deep, possibly leading to imminent violence.

◐ Thoughts on Episodes 2-3:
I am getting more and more invested in this drama. The plot is picking up, the friendships are solidifying, and the characters continue to be intriguing. I am especially liking Su Mengzhen and Di Feijing so far.

The performances of the younger, less seasoned actors leave quite a lot to be desired, but it’s not so bad as to detract from my enjoyment of watching.

There are quite a few moments of sweetness between the characters. There is one such scene where they play a version of truth or drink which warmed my frozen heart. More scenes like this, please.

Episode 2-3 Moments

Exhibit A of Su Mengzhen being extra

Side note: I am not liking Wen Rou. She’s obnoxious and spoiled and just not very lovable. All she does is pout and throw fits

How to recognise villains in a Chinese show: unkempt hair

He has mentioned wanting to gain fame a couple times by now, so it’ll be interesting to see where this desire takes him
Then they have this cute scene with instruments, dancing, and singing

Exhibit B of Su Mengzhen being extra

We meet Di Feijing of Six Half Hall. I think I like this character, if only because he seems so enigmatic.


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