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◐ Series Name: Heroes / 說英雄誰是英雄
◐ Director: Li Mu Ge / 李木戈
◐ Episodes: 38

◐ Synopsis:
Wang Xiaoshi and Bai Choufei meet Su Mengzhen, with whom they form a close friendship. Meanwhile, in the two major houses, House of Sunset Drizzle and Six Half Hall, treachery runs deep, possibly leading to imminent violence.

◐ Thoughts on Episodes 4-8:
(spoilers ahead)


This has been my recurring thought after episode 4. These seem to be largely filler episodes and slowed my viewing considerably. We have a pointless side plot about a traitor in House of Sunset Drizzle and our trio working together to depose him so that Su Mengzhen can take over the sect after the current leader dies. This doesn’t happen in the novel, as by the time we meet Su Mengzhen, he is already the sect leader. It felt contrived, overly long, and does little to advance the plot.

However, there is a wonderful scene between Wang Xiaoshi, Bai Choufei, and Di Feijing. The latter attempts to threaten the former two to join Six Half Hall, which they refuse. This earns them Di Feijing’s respect, though they acknowledge each other as enemies.

In fact, most of these episodes follow the pair as they attempt to make a living for themselves in spite of being unable or unwilling to join either of the two large sects. Six Half Hall sabotages their efforts at every turn. Other than that, there is little to no progression of a plot, although the showrunners do give us some beloved sweet moments between the friends.

I am not enjoying any of the romantic side plots. Not that I usually do anyways, since I far prefer strong friendships to romantic relations. However, the two budding romances so far are so saccharine and boring that I ended up not paying much attention to parts of these episodes.

Wang Xiaoshi, while sweet and pure, does not interest me much as a character, although he’d certainly be someone I’d like as a friend: loyal, righteous, humble. However, as a main lead, he’s far less intriguing than Su Mengzhen, Di Feijing, or even Bai Choufei (although the actor playing Bai Choufei fails to impress). These characters are all far more complex, and fun to watch.

I find episodes where Su Mengzhen doesn’t make an appearance tedious and empty. I mean it took me so long to get through these episodes because I so drastically lost interest. Can he please come back now??

Episode 4-8 Moments

Their inside joke when they first encountered and helped Su Mengzhen fight against his enemies, and Wang Xiaoshi said it’s their job to protect the weak (knowing full well that Su Mengzhen is the strongest warrior)

Who’d’ve thunk that Wen Rou actually has serious thoughts in her head sometimes

When Wang Xiaoshi and Bai Choufei get taken to prison and tortured for no reason, to force them into Six Half Hall
He actually says, “it’s good enough for us two brothers,” and I just about cried in bromance
That’s it; that’s my favourite scene so far

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