Hello, welcome to my page. I shall be your tour guide around this strange space we inhabit together.


This is a space for my thoughts, which, at this point in life, mainly consist of motherhood and grief, books and writing. Perhaps you will find something here that thrills your soul as well.

What to Expect

I collect the words of writers greater than I, as I attempt to find my voice. I read too much and have far too many opinions. You will find an assortment of these sorts of things in my posts.

Look around. Browse, or stay awhile. Whether you stay for a moment or become a long-term resident, may you also find something that sparks your spirit along with mine.

Who Am I

But who am I? I’ve always disliked the question. However could anyone sum up the whole of a human being in a few words? Should I begin with my roles? Who I am in relation to those dear to me?

Should I describe my childhood, or shall I simply mark turning points in my growth?

How about my personality test results, my mental health status? My religion? My passions? My occupation? Should any of the above define who I am?

Perhaps simply from this, you catch a glimpse of me. (I am long-winded and uncertain. I think too much and act too little. Coffee runs through my veins, and I prefer to read books by authors dead at least ten years.) Such are a few fragments of the whole, as relevant to the purposes of this account.

I am a wife and mother to three–one gone to live among the stars.
I am a guardian of his words and ours that we braided together.

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