Cryptic Clockwork Ebook


memoir of poetry and prose


Cryptic Clockwork is a love letter to life from a young boy who had known little joy from it. From losing his parents at a young age, to suffering ongoing abuse at the hands of his adoptive family and later an ex-boyfriend, Renley writes through these experiences with incredible immediacy and presence. It’s a brutally raw exploration of grief and love, as he searches for a way out of the cycle, to find his way home.

It is a book about life. It is about loss. It is about love. But ultimately, Cryptic Clockwork is about healing and resilience in the face of impossible circumstances. It is about retaining one’s softness, even in a harsh world.

Written with unflinching honesty, this is one youth finding his voice after a lifetime of being silenced in a powerful debut by a boy taken too soon.


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