Review Policy

Submission Guidelines

If you would like to submit your book for me to review, please send me an email at with the following information:

  • Book Title
  • One-paragraph description
  • Author
  • Genre
  • Page number
  • Publication date
  • Brief excerpt

I read according to my mood, so I choose what to read from my available options, not by a first-come-first-serve basis. If your book seems like one I am interested in reading, I will respond with a request for a copy. I do prefer physical copies, as I like to take my own photos for my reviews; however, I accept books in the Kindle format, so long as it includes a cover I can use.

Please keep in mind that I am based in the U.S., so note international shipping costs if you are from elsewhere and wish to send a physical copy.

How I Choose Books to Read

While it would be nice to have the capacity to review every book submitted, I am only one person, and this blog is a hobby, not my job. Here are some things I look for when deciding on which book to read:

  • Good writing. There are times when I can forgive a poorly developed plot if the writing is beautiful.
  • Multi-layered characters. I can also forgive a weak plot if the characters read like real people, with depth and personality.
  • Authenticity. For me, writing must come from the heart, and I believe readers can sense when it does.
  • Emotion. I want to feel something when I read. If an author has written authentically, I believe this comes naturally.
  • Thoughtful. I especially enjoy books that make me think.


I will consider all fiction and biography/memoir. Some genres or elements I am not interested in are:

  • Erotica
  • Romance as the main focus
  • Political
  • Comedy
  • Paranormal

Rating System

5/5 ⭐️
These are the books that thrill my soul, the ones I want to read over and over for the rest of my life. They aren’t necessarily perfect, but they have some sort of lasting impact on me. I would save them in a fire. I love love love them. They remind me why I love reading.

4/5 ⭐️
I enjoy these, and they appeal to me in terms of writing style and/or characters. There is nothing wrong with them. They simply lack the spark that makes books five stars for me. I suspect many will fall into this category.

3/5 ⭐️
Mediocrity is the thing that drove Salieri mad with jealousy (according to 𝘈𝘮𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘶𝘴 anyways, if anyone here has seen that). Alas, it is perhaps where the vast majority of books will fall. They are not great. They are not awful. They are just woefully mediocre. After reading, I will probably forget all about it.

2/5 ⭐️
I’m not certain I could put any phrase to this ranking other than, “I did not like this book in the least.” I didn’t hate it. There may be one or two nice qualities, but not enough to redeem it.

1/5 ⭐️
And finally, the dreaded one-star of every author (including me). These are the books I hate, whether because I found it so boring I could barely trudge through it, or because I found it problematic in such a way that it made me thoroughly despise it.

Final Notes

I read and seriously consider every request I receive. By submitting your book for review, you accept the possibility of a negative review. Reviews are always free and are my own, honest opinion. I do not guarantee a deadline for the review if accepted; as I have mentioned, I read based on my mood.

However, I do offer expedited reviews for a fee if you have a specific date you need a review by. The fee will range from $10-35, depending on the length of your book. Please mention in your email if this is something you would like. Paying for an expedited review will not affect my review in any way.

Reviews will be posted here on this blog, Goodreads, Amazon, and Instagram.

If you are a reader who would like to recommend a book to me, use the form below.

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